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Tin Roof Hideaway Wedding Contract 

Thanks for submitting!

This agreement and attached “Terms and Conditions”, dated (the date filled out in the form) between Lesse filled out in the form and Tin Roof Hideaway & Event Center (hereinafter “Provider”) provides for the reservation of specified space at the provider’s place of business.

Terms and Conditions General & Rental:
1. $500 of Rental will be due at the time of booking event which is non- refundable.
2. Remaining Balance will be due 2 weeks prior to the event.
3. Hall Access is as follows: a. Friday 12pm – 4pm b. Saturday 10am – 12am
4. Rehearsal dinners are allowed at the hall, Tin Roof Hideaway must be the caterer for this event. Access Hours will be adjusted for Rehearsal Dinners.

5. Clean up for Rehearsal Dinners will be the responsibility of the lessee to ensure that the Hall is set for the next day. This does include making sure the trash is deposited into the trash receptacles.

6. Hall Access hours can be adjusted with prior approval.

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