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Snowy Days

Winter has finally arrived here in Iowa! With cold temperatures and snow starting to pile up. This is a great time to hibernate with your favorite blanket and book.

I find myself using these days to become more creative and finding myself. I find myself having more time for things I would not have much time for. Why you may ask, well I hate the extreme cold, it something I cannot stand, myself feel like hibernating during these winter months. During the summer months and into fall I am so busy going through the motions of the wedding hustle and bustle that I don't get to sit down and do exactly what I am doing now, writing down what is going through my mind. I love to express myself through writing and that is why I have decided to add a Blog to my site. Not every post will be about our business, some will be more personal, some will be funny and then of course I will write about weddings, events and many other things. I look forward to you being a part of our journey with us. Thank you and I will be writing soon, just wanted introduce our blog to you all.

Sara Nost

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