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Our Story 

Welcome to our story, this is Sara and Aaron Nost, the owners of Tin Roof Hideaway and Event Center. We have owned the business since 2018. We ran into this adventure by fate, we were helping the previous owner out by bartending as she needed some help and she really wanted to sell, we took the leap of faith and haven't looked back. 

Just a little background about Sara, she has an extensive background in party planning and running a banquet hall which makes this job come natural for her. Her job duties are the marketing, planning, booking events and is our main caterer. 

Aaron has a degree in Math from the Univeristy of Iowa, his job duites are the bookkeeping, financials and of course any heavy lifting that needs to be done. 

Together they make a great team! Combined they have 5 children, Brianna, Jaxon, Jaidyn, Kirsten and Jensen. Both Aaron and Sara work full time jobs on top of running the Tin Roof Hideaway and Event Center.  They couldn't do any of this without their amazing staff.  

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